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The Harborage on Braden River Homeowners Association, Inc. !

Townhouse Roof Project

Feeney roofing has been selected as the contractor to replace all the townhouse roofs. The Board voted to use the same shingles and color for the replacement. The current reserve funds will cover the roof costs and no assessment is currently necessary. As the project continues, we will keep you informed on cost overruns etc. We are aware that many of you work from home and the construction can be very noisy, we apologize in advance for the inconvenience. Feeney will complete the project as quickly as possible.

Sunstate has set up a page on this website where you can find the latest information regarding the project:
– Go to harboragehoa.org (this website) and click on Townhouse Roof Project for updates
– The page will be updated with information on on which building is currently being worked on which building will be next

ALL communication about this project should be done through Sunstate:
– Please send an email with your comment/concern to colleen@sunstatemanagement.com and sean@sunstatemanagement.com
– We will address the email as quickly as possible and we will be able to keep a log on those comments/concerns to make sure all are addressed
– Speaking to the crew WILL NOT expedite any issues or guarantee that we are made aware of anything that needs to be addressed
– Again, please send an email to colleen@sunstatemanagement.com and sean@sunstatemanagement.com and feel free to attach a few photos if necessary.

Safety is our #1 concern so please be aware of the construction site and stay clear of all the areas where debris / cones / construction equipment is present. There can be equipment that is moving and large construction items being lifted or removed from overhead so please avoid all these areas while the crews are at work. Resident safety is #1!

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to keep our neighborhood safe and looking beautiful!

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